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We have provided direct aid for over 1200 Trans* people across the U.S. since we launched in 2016.

This includes folks who are queer, trans, non-binary, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, and of other identities. Our main focus is on the liberation and success of disabled Trans* people of color.


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We can not claim actual equality in this country until disabled trans people of color are THRIVING!

It’s time to stop the hateful attacks against marginalized communities and start creating more collaborative and supportive spaces. 

 End White Supremacy


Trans rights are human rights, yet we are too often denied access to even the most basic and vital of resources. 

We will never truly achieve equity until disabled Trans people of color are THRIVING. 

If you’re not building equity with us in mind, you aren’t building equity.

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Since the onset of COVID, we’ve seen a monthly increase in requests for help including vital resources such as food, clothing, rent assistance, and emergency shelter.

We can not do this work alone!

Please make a donation here or register to host your own fundraiser for us. 

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Take Back the Narrative

Jack Knoxville telling his story at a stop hate rally

It’s our story, we should be the ones to tell it.

Since 2021, we’ve seen over 100 horrible pieces of anti-trans legislation proposed around the US.

These queer and transphobic ideals have been targeting all Trans* people including trans youth, trans athletes, at school and in bathrooms, challenging our ability to exist. 

Mostly because the GOP and the misinformed religious right have been controlling the narrative of who we are. 

(Re)claim your power through storytelling. One of the oldest, proven tactics of organizing that we have in our toolbox.


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We are looking for volunteers to help with all sorts of work. Interested in volunteering? Have an idea for work you want to do together? Send us a message and include a quick pitch for the work you’re interested in doing!

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Suicidal? Need immediate help? Call Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860 or text  ‘HOME’ to 741741 to reach someone at the Text Crisis Line



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