Trans Alliance Group

We will only have an equitable society when Disabled, Trans, People of Color are thriving and we won’t get there on our own. Together, we can co-create a world where that liberation is possible.


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Our goal:

Building Power Together

It can be so hard to get the visibility we need for any of us. Trans Empowerment Project has launched a new project called Trans Alliance Group to address that.

By joining our group, you will have exclusive access to our network of organizations doing vital work for our folks. 

This network is meant to amplify and celebrate the life-saving work that our communities need.





In order to join you should:

  • Be a part of an initiative/project/organization that centers the lives of transgender individuals. 
  • Be willing to share the work of others to increase visibility.
  • Be willing to shoulder the work of the community to increase capacity for one another.
  • Be willing to share resources across orgs (whenever possible) so that we all win. 

Questions? email us: