Abolish White Supremacy

Ending White Supremacy is not just about gaining rights, it’s about creating entirely new systems, which are not rooted in trauma. Systems where Disabled Trans People of Color can not just get by, but THRIVE.

It’s about ensuring that ALL people, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, physical/emotional abilities, etc. have access to the vital resources we need to exist on this planet. Things like food, water, shelter, and medical care are recognized as basic human rights and should not be kept away from anyone, regardless of ability to pay and without bias.

For far too long, white supremacy has been used as a tool to divide and oppress others. This system was built to ensure the survival of white people, especially rich white people, and was never built for us, which is why we don’t take traditional routes in our organizing and power building.

While the U.S. is currently experiencing an onslaught of transphobic and homophobic attacks through its white supremacist system, we are focused on building systems of our own that are NOT reliant on our government to protect us, but through relationships with real allies and accomplices looking to build actual equity.


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Jack Knoxville


Jack Knoxville


Jack Knoxville


Serious note to potential partners, allies, and supporters:

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for white supremacy from ANYONE; especially other members of the LGBTQIA community.

As such, if you are found to be participating in white supremacy or acting as an oppressor toward others, you will be removed from our spaces for no less than 1 year or until you’ve had a chance to educate yourself and show us that you are doing better.

White Supremacy

in queer spaces


Is a HUGE problem. White Trans people who have yet to unlearn their racial biases can perpetuate conditions of oppression for Trans People of Color, especially Trans leaders who are doing this vital work. 

Examples of this include volunteers who show up in organizations led by QTPOC and try to silence any leaders of color by calling them “too angry” or making egregious demands and acting as roadblocks to progress or slamming leadership without even knowing what that leadership looks like.

Before you volunteer for any organization led by people of color, make sure that you’re ready to learn. If you’re new to confronting white supremacy, we recommend taking some time to begin unlearning and unpacking whatever biases you have using books like “White Fragility”, “How to be an Anti-Racist”, and “So You Want to Talk About Race”; all of which are great places to begin. 

This is especially true if you’ve found yourself making comments like “All lives matter” or “I don’t see color”. 

Allyship is not something you buy or wear on a T-shirt, it’s something you earn from doing actual work.



White Supremacy

Is MORE than racism


The typical response seen on social media, when one brings up the words “White Supremacy” is ‘I’m not a racist’. White Supremacy is MORE THAN racism. It’s an entire system built to oppress and other anyone who is not a cis-het-white person. 


White supremacy is classism

White supremacy is abelism

White supremacy is homophobia

White supremacy is transphobia

White supremacy is oppression

White supremacy is violence 


White supremacy is T-R-A-S-H.

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