a group of volunteers happily pose during an event hosted by Trans Empowerment Project

Ready to Create Change?

We are recruiting Community Captains to help us grow our work. Community Captains are our closest allies, the people ready to protect Trans Rights nationally and on a local level.


Build Power

If we want to achieve equity, we need to ensure disabled Trans* people can thrive.

As Anti-Trans legislation ramps up across the country our rights and lives are constantly being targeted.

Community Captains learn how to build power through grassroots organizing to protect and advocate for Trans Rights.

Discover new ways to push back locally while protecting yourselves and others in your community.

As we work to build new systems of sustainability for Trans* people across the country, we believe we can create a greater impact by doing this work together; with you, our authentic accomplices. 


Build Scale

In addition to building power at the local level, Community Captains will be able to help us, as an organization, continue to grow and scale up our work. 

From hosting coordinated events alongside us to learning the skills needed to launch your own campaigns, we can take back our power and build the future we deserve instead of remaining stuck in the present we have.

While this program is open to anyone who is ready to do this work, we do ask that Trans people (especially QTPOC) move to the front of the room. 

Ready to join us?

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Current Project(s):

  • Creating up to 500 self-defense kits to distribute across the state of TN in response to the anti-Trans* legislation and transphobic rhetoric being led by white supremacist leaders.
  • Recruiting organizers in other states to create and distribute self-defense kits of their own.

Click here to read more about the ‘Slate of Hate’ Tennesseans are facing.


  • Recruiting Community Captains that are interested in growing and hosting their own community gardens with us, to address the food inequities faced by our community.




Not able to be a Community Captain?

You don’t have to lead on this work to protect Trans* lives. In fact, some of the most impactful help comes from our donors who provide us with the funding we need to provide direct aid and to keep the lights on so we can keep moving our work. 

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