Grow With us!

Trans Empowerment Project is always looking for accomplices to do this work with. Whether you are an already existing organization that would like to join as a project partner or you’re looking to take on the Trans Empowerment Project name, we can help!

In 2016, we began our work with a clothing swap in Knoxville, TN. Since that time, we’ve been inviting additional cities to join us by hosting clothing swaps in their own cities.

While we are temporarily suspending these swaps during COVID-19, we have used this time to get to know new friends who want to grow with us.

Once you’ve hosted your swap, we will invite you to apply to become a chapter of Trans Empowerment Project.

We believe in following a distributed organizing model for our growth and belive our chapters deserve the autonomy to run their cities their way. ( Especially because you know your folks better than we do) and are encouraged to act as resource hubs for their communities, with our support.

If you’re interested in joining us, please click here