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Trans and gender non-conforming individuals are among the most marginalized of communities and therefore experience greater amounts of obstacles and barriers as we work toward claiming our authentic selves. If you need assistance please use the button below to get help. (Or visit us on Facebook.)

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Our Strategy


We have a multi-level plan to help build power for our folks.  

While we DO provide help with emergency situations, we believe in addressing the roots of our oppression to create long term systemic and cultural change and therefore have adopted a distributed model to help build that power.

In 2020 and beyond, we will be holding a range of events and conversations to address anti-racism, transphobia in employment spaces, police brutality (which is made worse for trans people of color), and many more topics that are negatively impacting our lives. To learn more, join our mailing list.





Clothing Swaps


We started our org with a clothing swap and look for partners across the U.S. to join us in hosting them bi-annually. These clothing ‘swaps’ were designed to build community and provide one of the most basic and valuable needs to our communities. 

Inmate Advocacy


Thanks to our partners at WeTheAction, We offer a variety of ways to support our communities. If you or someone you know is incarcerated or dealing with situations of crisis after incarceration, please email us.




Trans Employment Project

We are working with employers to create trans inclusive policies and to ensure that our community members have access to the insurance and other vital resources our cis-counterparts. In addition to that, we have a Facebook group for job seekers.

Help for Allied Loved Ones (H.A.L.O.)

This is THE PLACE for allies and loved ones of Trans People. Beginning in 2020, we’re working to create support resources, chat spaces, and a Facebook Group for anyone who is looking to learn more about being an Ally. 


InTRANSitions is our emergency response project, dedicated to helping individuals experiencing crisis including homelessness. We can help provide emergency food deliveries, emergency transportation for folks leaving abuse situations, clothing (on hold due to COVID-19), and more. 

If you need help, contact us here.

Or call our friends at Trans Life Line: 877-565-8860