As per board policy, we have not in the past, do not now, nor do we anticipate in the future, sharing personal fundraisers on our social media channels.


While we absolutely will help provide direct aid to clients, based on our own capacity and the availability of funds and resources, sharing personal fundraisers for individuals (aka gofundme’s, paypal donation pages, venmo requests, calls for cashapp drops, etc.) is not how we do our work. This is largely because personal fundraisers only ensure ONE person has their needs met. 


While Trans Empowerment Project is focused on building community through social programs, our main goal is to create education and empowerment as we work to address the roots of oppression for our communities through programs such as Trans Employment Project where we are working with employers to create more inclusive spaces vs just sharing job posts. While we do realize that not everyone will agree with our policy, we are not here to act as personal fundraisers for any one individual.


If you are looking to gain visibility for your own fundraiser, we suggest finding groups on social media, like this one: Share Your Fundraising Campaigns from Facebook which boasts 44k members or perhaps spending some time researching other organizations, like RescuingHealth (for those in Knoxville, TN) which are better equipped to handle your needs.