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Trans individuals rarely receive the medical aid and resources they need to thrive.

It’s time we receive the care we deserve.

Right now, Trans people across the nation experience rather underwhelming care from medical personnel and their affiliates. Thanks to thisTrans* Health Survey led by the NCTEin 2015, we know that:

20% of Trans and gender non-comforming individuals are denied medical assistance due to their gender identity.

50% of those that are granted assistance spend their time teaching the medical professional Trans*gender care

28% postpone seeking care, due to fear of discrimination


48% postpone seeking care, due to an inability to cover expenses

How do we combat this disparity in care?

TEP seeks to work with providers to create a system that will legitimately serve our Trans* siblings.

To this aim, we ask the community to nominate medical providers that have shown comradery toward Trans* lives, so that we may partner with them.

We will reach out to these nominees to build a partnership with them and to invite them into our  Trans* friendly providers resources list. They will also receive material and insights to giving Trans* specific care. 

Services developed by TEP to combat the Disparity of Care 



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