To all of the folks who are dealing with or facing homelessness, please know that we are here for you.

Below I’m sharing a guide that I built just for you. It’s meant to help you figure out how to navigate homelessness, by giving you real steps that may help keep you safe along the way, peppered in with a few pieces of my own story.

Regardless of whether you are already on the street right now, or just know that its on the horizon, I want to begin by letting you know that you are not alone.

While we, at Trans Empowerment Project, are still very much a small grassroots organization with a budget of next to nothing, we do have skills, resources, friends, and volunteers that offer their community and support.

I personally spent just under a decade being homeless myself, and I know how painful it can be. I also know what it takes to get through it and I know that you too can do this.

The guide is below, I truly hope it helps. ??

Before you go, homelessness is hard, but together, we can get you out of this crisis and into a place where you feel more empowerment than you may be feeling right now. 

My guide was designed to help anyone who is facing homelessness to make it through this difficult time.

This is a free resource for anyone who’s interested in reading it, I just ask a few things:

1) If you are someone who is reading this for education and not survival that you will make a donation to Trans Empowerment Project, so we can continue to provide more vital resources for QTPOC. 

With every $50 we raise, we can feed someone in our community for roughly a week.​ We are also aiming for a goal of building our first homeless shelter in Detroit by the end of 2021 and we could use your help.

Donate here.

2) If you find this guide helpful please share it on social media so that it can find its way into the hands of others who might be struggling.

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